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"I'm home..."
September 30 + 1523

Illustrator Lili Chin's adorable series Dogs of the World illustrates 192 breeds of dogs grouped according to geographical origin.

September 30 + 229180


More from our business!au eruri.
Prompt was Erwin wearing a black shirt of sex, picking up his boyfriend from the office. Also introducing Erwin’s dog Ernst Ludwig Wilhelm von Bismarck, or simply Billy.
Levi doesn’t like Billy, Billy doesn’t like Levi. Everything is perfect.

PS: Couldn’t be bothered to paint a proper background so I just picked a premade one from Manga Studio xD I’m a cheater.

September 30 + 725





I want you to imagine a ten year old version of yourself sitting right there on this couch. Now this is the little girl who first believed that she was fat, and ugly, and an embarrassment.

This is groundbreaking

this is my third time rebloging this today. this is so important.

I watched this episode on 4od last night. I HAD SNOT BUBBLES COMING OUT OF MY NOSE, and I looked like a blooming panda after this scene…

September 30 + 440602


Doushitemo Furetakunai Movie DVD made the top of weekly best seller for Oricon Sept 15-21, 2014! Having a live action BL movie at the top of Oricon weekly ranking is unheard of, and the feat was even reported in the morning TV program “ZIP”! The program introduced the movie as “popular with women in the 20s”, a love story between men, the boss and subordinate in the same company. The reuniting scene in Kyoto was briefly shown, as well as the original manga in the first batch box set.

There were lot of twitter retweets on this news, that Doushitemo Furetakunai made the twitter trend list. The topic was posted in Yonehara Kousuke’s twitter, and Taniguchi Masashi’s blog too! It really is amazing that a minor genre like BL live action is getting so much attention. So much that it was brought up in a morning TV program.

Seems like Yoneda Sensei is creating a trend that might change the perception of BL works. Her work is that exceptional, and I feel proud of her!

September 30 + 65
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It’s about 20 degrees cooler in this shade

September 29 + 316242





Dancing to Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun opening. And re-enacting that oh so beloved bike scene. 

this just made my whole day


//i laugh so hard for the last part

September 29 + 17196

Free! Haikyuu!! and Love Stage!! (via castlesofcards)

Durarara!!, and Baccano!,

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September 29 + 7084